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MON–FRI: 5:00AM–10:00PM
SAT: 7:00AM–8:00PM

Youth Education

The Kroc Center is committed to building a strong community, and that starts with educating the adults of tomorrow. The Kroc's youth programs combine developmental learning, mentorship, team building and more in a fun atmosphere where kids will feel comfortable learning, being active and making new friends.

Pre-K – 12th Grade

Weekly Character Building

We worship, study, and seek to share Jesus’ love together. Build character, relationships and learn the importance of morality.

Required: $5.00 Annual Activity Emblem Fee
OPTIONAL: $5.00 Troop T-Shirt Fee • $10.00 Award Sash


Afternoon Prelude: After-school fun, filled with movies, games, fitness, and singing all leading up to our exciting character building programs. Children learn about God while enjoying these various rotations and preparing for special Singing Company performances.
Grades Pre K–5 • Various Rooms
Grades 6–12 • Assistant Helpers


Moonbeams: Children learn to help others, do their best, be kind and good, and grow more like Jesus while earning emblems that teach a variety of new talents.
Boys & Girls Grades Pre K–Kindergarten • Green Room

Sunbeams: Girls develop skills and talents that reflect the love of God in order to grow into strong, ambitious and capable young ladies that display honesty, kindness, courage and knowledge so they can do what is right.
Girls Grades 1–5 • Bluffs Rooms


Adventure Corps: Explorers; Boys explore God's Word and God's world, while developing new skills, talents, and habits that earn them emblems and prepare them for an adventure with Christ.   Boys, Grades 1–5 • Meadows Rooms


Girl Guards: Young women develop skills and talents to grow spiritually, mentally, physically and socially while earning emblems for their accomplishments.
Young Women Grades 6–12 • Bluffs A

Adventure Corps: Rangers; Young men explore God's word and God's world, while working through a series of achievement awards and levels to help develop individuality and potential while preparing for an adventure with Christ. Young Men, Grades 6–12 • Bluffs B


Sunday, February 25, 10:30am during Worship Service

K.R.O.C. Kids Divine Service Award Ceremony

Interested in becoming a
K.R.O.C. KIDS Volunteer?

• Must be 18 years old

• Complete volunteer application at www.salvationarmyquincy.org

• Contact Jeremy Koren at 217-231-5633

• Attend Safe From Harm Training

Grades K–6

Kroc Academy After-School Program

The Kroc Center takes after-school care to a whole new level. Children can enjoy exceptional homework assistance, interactive Bible studies, games, swimming, and more. Transportation from the Quincy Area Schools is included, as well as a healthy after-school snack.
Pick-ups end at 5:30pm.

2018 Character Building Rally

Troops across the division will come together to explore and enjoy God's gift of creation through nature.

Depart from The Kroc at 7:00am in Meadows A and return to The Kroc at 7:30pm in the Circle Drive. $5.00 fee and a signed waiver required for each participant by March 5. Kids will enjoy lunch, scavenger hunt, outdoor activities (dissecting owl pellets, fishing, petting zoo, tomahawk throwing, archery, photo booth, 40 yard dash, animal pelts, fire pit making, cooking, tent building, clothespin crafts, and so much more), troop awards, uniform inspection, and troop crest display.

"Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made."

Register at the welcome desk through March 5 to attend.

Late registration will NOT be accepted. Contact Jakin at 217-231-5667 for more information.

We provide transportation from Quincy area schools.

Kroc Academy After-School

Monday Youth Programming

Wednesday Youth Programming

Youth Virtual Education:
Digital Learning Program

Mondays from 3:00–4:30pm in The Ledge Game Room

Dive into a digital after-school learning program that empowers children and communities with meaningful and critical life-skills. These engaging, dynamic, and interactive online courses tackle a variety of key points.

All learning courses contain:

• Engaging content with real-world applications.
• Guided activities that reinforce knowledge and skills.
• Personalized learning and interactive gaming simulations.

Ages 8–18

The Power to Protect, Promote, and Prevent

For more than 45 years, Search Institute of Minneapolis, MN has studied adolescent development and its connection to community change. The framework of 40 Developmental Assets was first published in 1997.

The 40 Developmental Assets serve as the foundational framework for all Kroc programs. Outcomes are based on building assets successfully in young people, and our evaluation plan – Getting to Outcomes, the Thrive Report – demonstrates asset building across program categories to show the performance of the Kroc Center as a whole.

100s of classes to choose from.



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