Weight Areas Updates

UPDATED 12-1-2022

On Wednesday, Nov 30 the following equipment was delivered:

  • Precor 5-Stack Cable machine
  • Precor Adjustable benches
  • Precor Plate Loaded Angled Leg Press
  • Precor Flat Benches (2) 
  • Precor Selectorized Leg Curl (2) 
  • Precor Selectorized Bicep Curl 

The remaining equipment will be delivered as follows: 

  • TechnoGym Hip Thrust will be in early December 
  • Precor Plate Loaded Bicep Curl – Mid to late December
  • Precor Plate Loaded Seated Dip – Mid to late December
  • Precor Preacher Curl bench – Mid to late December
  • Precor Selectorized Diverging Lat Pulldown – Mid to late December
  • Precor Selectorized Converging Chest Press – Mid to late December
  • Precor Selectorized Abdominal Crunch – Mid to late December
  • EZ Curl Bars – Mid to late December
  • Misc Dumbbells – Mid to late December
  • Misc Kettlebells – Mid to late December
  • Life Fitness ARC Trainers – January 

Thank you to our members for your patience and understanding!

UPDATED 11-22-2022

Tuesday November 29
Remainder of our old equipment will be extracted: Leg Press, 5 Stack, Smith Machine & Flat Bench Press, and more.

Wednesday November 30 We will have installed: 

  • 2 seated leg curls (one cardio room & one weight room) 
  • 1 biceps curl
  • 6 multi adjustable benches
  • 2 Olympic flat benches
  • 1 angled leg press5 stack cable unit

For more info or questions, please contact our Fitness Center Supervisor Kate Shuker at Katherine.Shuker@usc.SalvationArmy.org or 217.231.5640.

As of 3pm on Wednesday, November 9, the weight area on the upper level and in the cardio room were open and being used by members. “The extraction of the old equipment and the placement of the new equipment went very well. We are very excited to have the following pieces of new equipment in our facility:

  • Precor Plate Loaded Hack Squat
  • Precor Smith Machines (2)
  • Precor Weight Loaded Pulldown
  • Precor Weight Loaded Seated Row
  • Precor Weight Loaded Chest Press
  • Precor Weight Loaded Incline press
  • Precor Weight Loaded Shoulder Press
  • Precor Weight Loaded Calf Raise
  • Precor Flat Benches (2)
  • Precor Adjustable Decline Benches (2)
  • Precor Weight Loaded Olympic Incline Benches (2)
  • Precor Weight Loaded Olympic Decline Bench 
  • Precor Weight Loaded Half Racks (2)
  • Precor Vertical Knee Up
  • Precor Selectorized Triceps Extension
  •  Precor Selectorized Seated Row
  • Precor Selectorized Back Extension
  • Precor Selectorized Rotary Torso
  • Precor Selectorized Lateral Raise
  • Precor Selectorized Rear Delt/Pec Fly 
  • Precor Selectorized Shoulder Press
  • Precor Selectorized Leg Press
  • Precor Selectorized Leg Extension (2)
  • Precor Selectorized Prone Leg Curl
  • Precor Selectorized Glute Extension
  • Precor Selectorized  Seated Calf Extension
  • Ab X
  • Stretch Trainers (2)
  • Precor FTS Glide Functional Trainer
  • Precor Dip Chin Assist
  • Precor Selectorized Inner/Outer Thigh
  • Medicine Balls/Dumbbells/Kettlebells
  • Accessories for the 5 & 8 Stacks

One new piece of equipment to the facility is the Hack Squat, a classic piece of leg exercise equipment that’s great for targeting large leg muscles, such as quads, glutes, and adductors.

“Unfortunately, due to supply and shipping delays, some pieces of equipment were not delivered/installed this week,” stated Fitness Center Supervisor Kate Shuker. “We do know several of the pieces arrived at our supplier yesterday, just missing Tuesday’s delivery truck.”

The delayed equipment is as follows:

  • Precor Plate Loaded Leg Press
  • Precor Olympic Bench Press (2)
  • Precor Preacher Curl bench 
  • Precor Plate Loaded Bicep Curl 
  • Precor Plate Loaded Seated Dip
  • Precor Adjustable benches (6)
  • Precor Seated Leg Curl (2)
  • Precor 5 Stack (Weight Room) 
  • Precor Bicep Curl (in Cardio Room) 
  • Precor Lat Pulldown (Cardio Room) 
  • Precor Chest Press (Cardio Rom) 
  • Precor Abdominal Crunch (Cardio Room) 
  • EZ Curl Bars
  • Dumbbells (select sizes) 

“We did just find out that our two Woodway Curve machines will be arriving earlier than expected,” stated Shuker. Instead of arriving next week, these manually driven treadmills will be arriving on Friday. According to woodway.com “The completely self-powered, manual WOODWAY Curve Treadmill offers a one-of-a-kind workout experience that requires zero electricity. Feel the freedom of this totally manual treadmill while running or walking on the unique curved running surface where you are the motor. The Curve Treadmill challenges the entire body while burning up to 30% more calories than any other treadmill.”

Members will be notified as new pieces of equipment arrive. “We understand the delay in equipment arriving is not ideal. We do apologize and thank our members for understanding,” stated Shuker.

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