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Art, Music, and Education

Immersing yourself or a child in the arts and in educational programming is a great way to lead a more fulfilling and enriching life. Whether it’s learning to play an instrument, reading music, or taking a shot at singing, develop your talent and pursue your dreams The Kroc Center. If the arts are more for you, classes in painting, photography, and more are also available!

Jonathon Weller

Arts & Education Specialist | 217-231-5641

Jonathon Weller is a certified teacher, professional singer, actor, and conductor. He will meet you where you’re at now and help you grow your skills. Contact him today to find the time and day that works the best with your schedule.

Want to teach a class? Would you like to suggest a class to be offered? Please let us know!

Sheila’s Special Math Techniques

Sheila Eyster, a retired elementary school teacher, has taught in many different communities around the country. Her 6-week courses are for those who are struggling or want to improve their abilities. A parent or other interested adult is required to attend with the child in order to learn and practice these techniques. 

Less than $9 per meeting!

Times Table Workshop

$40 Gold | $45 Silver | $50 Non

Tuesdays, Mar 7-April 11 | 6:30-7:30pm

Ages 8+ with an accompanying adult

Do you know a child who struggles to learn their multiplication tables? Are you willing to come with them to a workshop to learn tips and techniques for mastering them?

Register by Mar 6.

Word Problems

$40 Gold | $45 Silver | $50 Non

Thursdays, Mar 9-April 13 | 6:30-7:30pm

Ages 8+ with an accompanying adult

Word problems can be one of the most difficult concepts for a student to master, even if they find their basic math skills easy!

Register by Mar 8.

Painting Class Education Canvas
Education - Math Class

Art Classes

Artists of all abilities are invited to join us for joint classes brought to you by The Kroc Center and The District Art Gallery! At the end of these classes, you will have beautiful pieces of art at a cost less than you would pay to take the class at The Art Gallery itself. Snacks to eat during class welcome. Non alcoholic drinks also welcome. Each class has a minimum participant requirement of 4 students.

Bird House Building
& Painting

$20 Gold | $25 Silver | $30 Non Member

Tuesday, May 30 | 6-8pm

Work with Kevin from The District Art Gallery to build and paint your own birdhouse! At the end of this class, you’ll have your very own functioning bird house to put in your garden and invite local birds to rest inside your art!

Register by May 29

Art Exploration

$85 Gold | $90 Silver | $100 Non Member

Tuesday, June 6 – 27 | 1-2pm

In this 4-week class, you’ll work directly with talented local artist, Kevin Hoing, as he teaches you his techniques for painting. This class will be a more in-depth look at painting techniques and you’ll hone the skills you need to paint beautiful landscapes.

Register by June 7


$20 Gold | $25 Silver | $30 Non Member

Tuesday, Aug 29 | 6-8pm

Students will learn about the history of Steampunk and use recycled items and found objects to create Steampunk art. 

Taught by Rolling Bear who …

Taught by Rolling Bear who grew up in Longville, MN where he spent much of his time hunting, trapping, and fishing. He learned Native American beadwork from his grandmother, is an accomplished native artist, and has made jewelry and dance regalia for many years. Rolling Bear learned about steampunk when he was asked to bead a top hat while at a pow-wow. He loved the concept and began going to Steampunk events and learning about the culture. He loves many aspects of Steampunk, especially creating art from recycled materials, having tea, and wearing costumes. From the Victorian house he grew up in, to his grandfather being a steam engineer, he was destined to be a Steampunk artist.

Register by Aug 28

Cupcakes and Canvases

$23 Gold | $28 Silver | $33 Non Member (Prices are per night)

Thursday, April 20 | 6-8pm
Tuesday, Aug 15 | 6-8pm

Held in partnership with The District Art Gallery & Krazy Cakes – Create a step-by-step painting on a canvas using acrylic paint and different brush techniques while enjoying cupcakes from Krazy Cakes Bakery! Supplies provided. Artists of all abilities are welcome! Ages 14 +

Register one day in advance.

Paint Pouring

$20 Gold | $25 Silver | $30 Non Member (Prices are per night)

Thursday, April 27 | 6-8pm
Tuesday, July 11 | 6-8pm

Join us for a fun and easy night of art! Instead Instead of using traditional paint brushes, we’ll pour paint directly onto the canvas to create beautiful works of art. Fun for artists of all ages and a great family night activity! Ages 14 + or 6+ with accompanying adult.

Register one day in advance.

Contemporary Graffiti

$20 Gold | $21 Silver | $23 Non Member (Prices are per night)

Tuesday, July 25 | 6-8pm

Learn multi-media contemporary graffiti from local Artist Corey Rouse! Corey will walk the class through the steps to create a contemporary “graffiti” art using multiple mediums. Held in partnership with The District Art Gallery. Ages 14 +

Register one day in advance.

Taught by talented Quincy photographer, Julie Ginos from GS Photography.

Photography 1

$25 Gold | $27 Silver | $35 Non

Tuesdays, June 6-27 | 6-7pm

If you have a new, top-of-the-line camera, a camera you’ve had for a while that’s gathering dust on a shelf, or even if you have a smartphone camera, come join Julie for this 4-week class where you’ll learn how to improve your photography skills. Ages 14+

Pre-registration required.

Photography 2

$25 Gold | $27 Silver | $35 Non

Tuesdays, Mar 21-April 11 | 6-7pm
Summer Session July 18-Aug 8 | 6-7pm

Julie Ginos from GS Photography will lead us through a more in-depth look at the techniques to help bring your photography to the next level. For this class, students must have a dSLR or high-end mirrorless camera. Ages 14+

Register by March 20.

Roasting Beans + Coffee Talk

$30/person – includes coffee drink and beans

Sat, Aug 19 | 10am-Noon

Love coffee? Learn how to roast your own beans from EFB (Electric Fountain Brewing) owner Ryan Christian. Ryan will walk the class through the steps to roast coffee beans and create a delicious cup of coffee. Class will take place at EFB’s location at 625 Maine St Suite 103. Ages 10+ with an accompanying adult.

Register by Aug 11

Music Classes

Group Ukulele Class

$25 Gold | $27 Silver | $35 Non Member

Spring Session
Thursdays, March 9-30 | Noon-1pm

Summer Session
Wednesday, June 7-28 | Noon-1pm

Have you ever wanted to try learning a new instrument? Even if you’ve never touched an instrument before, the Ukulele is a great way to start learning – no matter what age you are! We’ll meet once a week during the day to explore this fun and easy-to-learn instrument. Instruments and music will be provided, but if you have your own ukulele, feel free to bring it along. Open to ages 14+.

Great class for Seniors!

FREE! Ukulele Jam    

Thursday, April 13 | Noon-1pm

Ages 14+

What’s the best way to get better at an instrument you’re learning? By playing it! Play through some songs and enjoy making music together. Bring your ukulele, or contact Jonathon to arrange borrowing one for this play-a-long!

Music Mondays

Mondays 3–5pm, while school is in session.

Join our children’s choir and learn how to play a brass instrument and piano with other musicians your age who are just starting out. These free classes are a great way to start learning to play an instrument.

Ages 7+ ( with ‘adult’ front teeth)

Please contact Jonathon at 217-231-5641 or to register.

Mini Mozarts – FREE!

Thursday, June 1 | 10–11am

Toddlers (ages 2-4) with an adult

Music classes are a great way to build body awareness, gross and fine motor skills, and the beginnings of math and language skills. This class is designed for students to sing, play, and dance together. No prior musical experience is required, just a willingness to have fun!

Instrument Petting Zoo – FREE!

Thursday, Aug 10 | 6:30-8pm

Drop by the week before school starts to explore lots of different instruments! This is a great way for you to discover what instrument your child may like to learn. The Kroc Center offers private lessons for each instrument at the zoo. Drop by for a few minutes to explore what could turn into a life-long passion!

Ages 7+ with an accompanying adult

Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are available for all levels in voice, piano, percussion, and wind instruments. If you’re a beginner or have been making music for years, Jonathon and his team of instructors will help you reach the next level!

Only $12 per lesson! 

Benefits of Private Music Lessons

• Provides instruction that meets the specific learning style of each student

• With individual instruction, students learn the proper techniques of musicianship quicker than they would in group instruction like a school band class

• Students will discover what new music to explore and what goals to pursue

• Siblings (or friends!) can have fun together while enhancing their music skills

How to Register

Work with the Arts & Education Specialist Jonathon Weller to find the time and day that works the best with your schedule. Contact him at at 217-231-5641 or at

Instrumental Lessons


Private and group music lessons are available for all levels. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, we can help you reach your next level! Pricing is for six (30-minute) lessons.

Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons are a great way for singers of all ages and abilities to improve their singing. Arts & Education Specialist and Voice Lessons Instructor Jonathon Weller is a professional singer who has extensive experience in performing a wide variety of music and will meet you where you’re at now and help you grow. Beginners (10+) through adults and budding professionals will work on good vocal technique, music reading & theory, and solo repertoire.

Choose from virtual, in-person private, or group voice lessons!

Kroc Youth Music Recital

Sunday, May 21 | 2-3:30pm

Come and celebrate the accomplishments of our private music students! This recital is a chance for our students to show off what they’ve learned over the past year to their friends and family. Light refreshments will be served.

Ages 7+

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