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Frequently Asked Questions regarding The Kroc Center & COVID-19 Protocols

Please call if you don't see your question/answer. 217-222-KROC (5762)

Information throughout this site is based on state & local COVID-19 guidelines. Dates & restrictions are subject to change.


Are non-members allowed to use day passes?

Currently, The Kroc Center is open for members only. Day pass sales and use is suspended at this time.


What are your hours?

Monday - Friday: 5am - 8pm

Saturday: 7am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed except for church services


Please click here for venue-specific hours as they can differ from the facility hours.


Since the facility was closed for close to three months, will my membership be extended?

Answer: Memberships have already been extended for the number of months we’ve been closed. If you paid the year in full, you can ask a Welcome Desk Attendant to look up your revised renewal date.


Is the pool open?

Answer: The following areas/options in the pool are available: lap lanes, aqua fitness classes, and swim lessons, general swimming.


A limited number of cabanas and locker rooms are available. Social distancing guidelines need to be followed and capacity limits for each area are posted.


Will rec sports leagues be happening?

Answer: At this time, due to COVID-19 regulations set by the state of Illinois, rec-sports leagues are scheduled to begin for the winter session in January.


Questions regarding rec-sports? Email info@KrocQuincy.org.


Is the rock wall available?

Answer: Due to the inability to properly sanitize the wall, ropes, holds, etc. between users, the Rock Wall will not be available initially. We are working through options to address these concerns so we can open the Rock Wall as soon as possible. We do apologize for this inconvenience.


What about Huck's & The Ledge Game Room - are they open?

Answer: Huck's Hideout is open.

The capacity limit is 10 children.

Click here for hours.

The Ledge Game Room is open under limited number of hours and with a capacity limit. Click here for hours.


I like to play basketball with friends in the gym - will this be an option?

Answer: Members are allowed to check out basketballs - but please note - actual games or scrimmages are not allowed.


Are group fitness classes affected by the COVID-19 processes & procedures?

Answer: While we are able to offer both land- and water-based classes, there are strict capacity limitations. The size of the room/area determines the number of participants allowed.

Fitness Rooms - Capacity varies per class - generally 9-11 + the instructor

Cycling Room 5 + 1 instructor

Lap Lanes 6

River 10



What are the capacity limits for the various workout areas?

Weight Room 22

Walking Track 20

Cardio Area 45

Gymnasium 50

Aquatics Center 50

>>River 10

>>Lap Lanes 6

Fitness Studios  Various per class - ( 9-11 participants + 1 instructor)

Cycling Room 5 (4 participants + 1 instructor)

Huck's 12 (10 children + 2 team members)



In order to properly clean and sanitize after each class, classes now have 15 minutes between them to allow us to follow the COVID-19 cleaning protocols.


Will water fountains & towels be available as in the past?

Answer: Fountains & towels are not available at this time.  Fountains with the no-touch bottle/cup filling option will be available. These fountains can be found at the back of the cardio room (near the gym doors) & between the lower level locker rooms.


What about lockers, locker rooms, & cabanas - will they be open?

Answer: A limited number of locker rooms & cabanas will be available. Social distancing guidelines need to be followed.


What will the new check-in process be like?

Answer: The set of entrance doors (to the north of the fountain/river) are clearly marked with MEMBER ENTRANCE signs. All members will need to use this set of doors to enter the facility.


The south doors of the fountain/river doors are to be used to exit the building. These doors have signs on them as well.


We kindly ask all members to wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility, and while not working out.


When you walk in, a Welcome Desk attendant will greet you. On your first visit you will need to sign an updated liability waiver, ask you a few question regarding your health, if you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Your temperature will be taken at this time as well.


From there you will proceed to the Control Desk where an attendant will greet you, ask what area you plan to be working out in, and check you in. Due to capacity limits, we need to know what venue you will be in so we can keep track of the number of people in each venue. Please note - we do not foresee any issues with being over capacity.


Once you finish your workout - please let the attendants at the Control Desk know you are leaving. Again - this helps us to know the number of members in the facility. Please watch for exit signs both at the Control Desk and the doors.



Has your staff been trained regarding cleaning procedures?

Answer: We have taken all necessary steps and requirements to re-open. COVID-19 disinfectants have been purchased, our staff has been trained regarding new cleaning procedures, and more hand sanitizing stations have been installed. In addition, social distancing measures has been taken into account. Pieces of equipment have been moved to allow them to be used while some have been marked as unavailable until the distancing requirements change.