MON–FRI: 5am–8pm
SAT: 7am–5pm

June 18, 2020


As we near the end of the COVID-19 required closure, we are working diligently to prepare for our official re-opening on Friday, June 26 – the start of Restore Illinois Phase 4. Over the past few months we have been keeping a close eye on the information regarding protocols for re-opening the facility. We have taken all necessary steps and requirements to re-open. COVID-19 disinfectants have been purchased, our staff has been trained regarding new cleaning procedures, and more hand sanitizing stations have been installed. In addition, social distancing measures has been taken into account. Many pieces of equipment have been moved to allow them to be used while some have been marked as unavailable until the distancing requirements change.


We thank you for the support and understanding that has been shown to us regarding these situations that have been out of our control. We are blessed to have you as our #KrocStar!


Since the date of our forced COVID-19 closure, we chose not to charge any membership fees. While this was a major hardship for us, we knew it was the right thing to do for our members. With the re-opening scheduled for Friday, June 26, and knowing parts of the facility will be closed and our hours will be reduced, we have chosen to reduce the fee for this upcoming month by 50%. As in the past, membership fees will be withdrawn on the 20th day of the month (Saturday, June 20). We will continue to re-evaluate the monthly membership fees on a monthly basis moving forward.


As always, know that we continue to pray each day for you, our community, and for our country. God Bless.


The Salvation Army Kroc Center

405 Vermont Street

Quincy, IL 62301