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July 16, 2020


As we celebrate our fourth week open, we look back at these past few weeks with thankful hearts and happy minds. We truly are blessed with the best members. Thank you for helping the reopening of your Kroc Center go so smoothly. We appreciate your kind words and encouragement and the suggestions and understanding that these new procedures have been in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. We hope your visits to The Kroc Center have been better than expected and that you have enjoyed getting to work out, visit with friends, and possibly meet our new leaders, Captains Michael and Kristina Sjogren.


Please know, we continue to watch for new information regarding protocols and guidelines regarding COVID-19. As things progress, we will keep our #KrocCommunity informed of any new information. As in the past, membership fees will be withdrawn on the 20th day of the month (Monday, July 20). Knowing some areas/venues have opened since June 26, but also knowing the facility is still not fully open (both venues and hours), the decision has been made for August’s membership fee (for annual memberships/12-month contracts) to be reduced by 25%* of the original fee.


We will continue to re-evaluate the membership fees on a monthly basis.


As always, we continue to pray each day for you, our community, and for our country. God Bless.


The Salvation Army Kroc Center

405 Vermont Street

Quincy, IL 62301


*Note this reduction is for Annual Memberships only - not Summer Special memberships.