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May 15, 2020


It has been nearly two months since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to close our doors, and we want our members to know we have missed you every day since.  Yet, this down time has allowed us to address a variety of maintenance and custodial projects in the facility, and we know that when we re-open our doors, you will be impressed with what we have accomplished while you have been away.  Window cleaning, new paint, waxed floors, new LED lighting, new HVAC equipment, landscaping work and new counter tops are just some of the items we have addressed.  Many of these projects were planned prior to the outbreak, so we were able to accomplish these goals while the building was unoccupied and with budgeted dollars already earmarked for these projects.  Although these are difficult times, our aim is to maintain your Kroc Center as the top community and fitness center in the tri-state region.


There is no doubt that these unprecedented times have created an undue hardship on many of our members.  We too are suffering because of the state mandated shutdown.  As you know, we are a non-profit organization and we rely heavily on membership fees to pay those bills that just keep coming.  Yet, we are committed to doing the right thing by our members.  Therefore, The Salvation Army Quincy Kroc Center has again decided to fully waive membership fees of our members for the coming month. We have already directed our vendor to cancel the fee withdrawal scheduled for May 20. Similarly, those members who paid the year in full have again had their membership plan extended an extra month. If your membership plan was set to expire during the month of May 2020, we have extended your membership one additional month.


Although we have waived your membership fee, some members have expressed their desire to assist us during this time.  Some have asked us to go ahead and charge them the monthly fee.  We are exceptionally grateful for those acts of generosity.  Unfortunately, the process to charge individually for membership fees is not an option.  However, if you would like to donate your membership fee, please feel free to write a check and send it to our attention at the address listed below.


Be assured The Salvation Army Kroc Center promises to continue to evaluate the COVID-19 impact on our community and we will always seek to do what is in the best interest of our members.


As always, know that we continue to pray each day for you, our community, and for our country. God Bless.


The Salvation Army Kroc Center

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