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We know staying fit and active is the best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. Les Mills OnDemand is one of three free options we have for you for working out from home!



The Les Mills OnDemand platform offers 95 free workouts across 8 categories. We promise it won’t automatically collect your data and it will remain available as long as the disruption from the Corona Virus continues.


Click to get started!

Let’s be honest, you may not miss the actual class, but you miss all of the amazing #krocstars who are in class with you & the instructors!


We don’t blame you, we miss them too!


Don’t worry, you can join Maria & Annette on Zoom. It might be a little different than attending a live class, but it’s a great way to be in community with all of your favorite fitness friends. ❤️


Join their Facebook group for all of the details.

Step It Up with Gena
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6 pm

via Google Meet


Participants can join the POUND Quincy with Gena Facebook page. The link to the class will be posted at 5:45 pm.


New to Step It Up?
In the Announcements at the top of the FB Group page is a video called Step It Up Basic Movements. Simply watch this video and move along with it to become familiar with the basic moves and call outs used in the class.


Step It Up uses chorus/verse choreography.  Meaning the chorus is one set of moves and the verse is one set of moves. Each song will only have 3 to 5 moves or combinations.


A step is not required.  All movements can be done on the floor.

Life Fitness - Bringing your workouts to your home!

Life Fitness is making Workouts of the Day, delivered through Digital Coach, free, to all exercisers for a limited time. They’re offering a new video workout of the day that provides you with a daily challenge, physical activity to look forward to, and helps you stay in shape until you can get back to the gym.


Click here to access your daily workout.