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The Ledge Game Room


Welcome to The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center’s FREE interactive game room, The Ledge! The Ledge is designed as a positive space for our community. Our goal is to be a safe place that offers engagement, connection, and opportunity. We are dedicated to welcoming all and displaying the love of Jesus Christ. Our game room provides guests of all ability levels the chance to play and grow in a welcoming, encouraging, and friendly environment. We strive to develop the whole person, mentally, physically, and emotionally through activities that aid in reinforcing socialization, sportsmanship, self-worth, and respect.


The Ledge is proud of its inclusive environment, one that strives to accommodate every guest. In an effort to fully embrace inclusion and acceptance of all, we believe that:


    • Every person deserves grace, love, and respect.

    • Every person can participate and be involved.

    • Every person can rise to new challenge and be successful.



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• Sign in on the check-in sheet

• Be entered in on the Kiosk

• Complete an annual waiver



General Game Room Policies

Age Requirement

Guests must be at least 12 years old to use The Ledge without a parent/guardian present. Children younger than 12 must have a relative (i.e. sibling or parent) 15 or older supervising them. Parent supervision is not required for members with children 8-11 years old, these children must check-in at the Control Desk and receive an arm band. The parent/guardian is required to stay in the facility. Parents with younger children, without available supervision, are encouraged to look into options at Huck’s Hideout.



Guests must dress modestly and absolutely no swim wear. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Guests may only remove shoes while actively playing Eye Play. Socks are required to be worn when playing Eye Play. As this is a family room, clothing with explicit logos or words/sayings will not be permitted.


Personal Belongings

Roller blades, bikes, and scooters are not allowed in The Kroc Center for any amount of time. All personal belongings, backpacks or gym bags, must be stored out of the way of other guests. Balls of any kind are never allowed to be brought into The Ledge. To grant access, balls must stay outside of The Ledge or be placed in The Ledge closet.


Snacks & Drinks

Snacks and drinks are permitted in The Ledge in designated areas only. Designated areas include the counter top and the table. No food or drinks near the game systems or on the floor. Please keep the space neat and tidy or use the Café tables outside of the game room. Hands need to be washed prior to resuming play.


Game Rotation

Game rotation is at the discretion of the Youth Development Assistant supervising The Ledge; however, it should appear as fair as possible. Game rotations should only occur when the game room is full. If there are more open games than guests present, rotation is not necessary.


Rotation options include:

• At the end of a race

• After each battle

• Once character has lost/died

• Every 10/20-minutes with the timer set to ring



Guests must be seated with the controllers to avoid dropping and damaging them. Tipping in chairs is not allowed as it can weaken the legs of the seat. Feet are not allowed on table tops or the counter of the gaming cabinet.



Any guest vandalizing the facility in any manner (kicking, hitting, writing, etc.) will be removed immediately. Guests may also be held financially responsible for any damages.


Abusive Behavior

Guests exhibiting abusive behavior, either verbally or physically, toward a fellow guest or employee will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Vulgar language will not be tolerated.  There is to be no horseplay in The Ledge.


Equipment Use

Guests who intentionally break game equipment (controllers, etc.) will be charged for the replacement of the equipment and will not be allowed to use The Ledge Game Room until the charges are paid in full.


Hours vary. Click here for details.