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Our new online portal/membership management system is officially up and going. To access all the great features of this new site, simply create a new login and connect it to your account.


Why use the online portal?

• Easy access to membership & billing information

• Update membership & payment information online

• Online registration for programs & classes
>> no need to call to purchase classes, after school programs, etc.

• Download the easy-to-use mobile app for iPhone & Android



Once your profile is set up, here are some videos explaining how to sign up for classes, before/after school programs, etc.




1. Go to The Kroc member website.
>>Be sure to bookmark this page - so it is easily accessed in the future.


Why set up your member portal or download the app?

1. View statements.
You can see what classes have been paid for & when.


2. Access your check-in history.
If your employer assists with membership fees and requires proof of use - you can easily see your check-ins.


3.  Purchase programs/packages.
Want to purchase after/before-school programs or lessons (swim, instrument, etc), simply purchase them via the portal or app!


4. Use your phone to check-in.
With the app, your membership access code (or bar code) is displayed once logged in. Simply use the bar code on your phone's screen to check-in.


2. Click the Access My Account

>> This is where you will register/find your account by entering your first & last names & email associated with your membership.


>> Once your profile is created, you will log in directly from the username/password box.

3.  In the “Register Now” box:

Enter your first & last name, & the email address connected to your Kroc Center membership


>> If the system matches your information, you will see the “We found your account” message (center). Check your email and continue to step 4.


>> If your information doesn’t match the system, you will see the "We cannot find an account..." error message.

>>>> Enter your billing ZIP code and the last four digits of the payment card on your membership account.


          >> If the system finds your account with this information,
follow the instructions and continue to step 4.


         >> If your account can still not be found, it is likely that some information in the system is incorrect or expired. Please use the Request Assistance webform  to update your contact information and access your account.

4.  Check your eMail.

Within the email there is a URL/link. Click this link to complete your account/set up your profile. ct information and access your account.

5.  Confirm your information.

This screen will be filled with your information. Be sure to check all boxes to make sure the info is accurate. If not, change to correct info.

6. LogIn Details.

Your password will need to meet several criteria. Once set, the email and password will become your login information for the member portal. Once set, check the box and click "Save Account".


CONGRATS! You are now completely setup in the new Kroc Quincy member portal.



If you have any issues with getting your account set up - most likely some info within our system is incorrect or missing. Please use the webform below to let us know how we can assist you or stop by the Welcome Desk to confirm the information we have in our system is correct.







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